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Company Strategy

SUMEC Group is a modern manufacturing service corporate group focusing on three fields including trade and services, engineering contracting, and investment and development.

Trade and Services

They are advantageous businesses of SUMEC Group, which account for a relatively high proportion of scale and profit contribution. As the “stabilizer” for development, they must be continuously consolidated.

General Engineering Contracting

It a strategic business based on the existing capabilities and resource advantages of SUMEC Group and has shown a decent growth momentum. As the “charger” for development, it must be vigorously expanded.

Investment and Development

It is a business for cultivating other businesses of SUMEC Group. As the “incubator” that boosts the integration and growth of existing businesses and the development of new businesses, they must be planned and arranged in advance.

Strategic Path


Expand the Scale of SUMEC Groups Business: Be oriented towards the synergistic development of three segments, and realize the development of both internal production and outward extension on the basis of industry by implementing a mode of combination between industry and finance and the "business + investment" two-wheel drive.


Develop New Sources of Growth: Aim to develop priorities of the existing industries, improve weaknesses and fill the vacancy in the industry chain; incubate strategic emerging businesses and create new growth point.


Make Optimal Use of Existing Resources: Make trade and services larger, stronger and better to become a strong leader; energetically develop EPC to become an important growth pole.

Development model

Diversified Development and Professional Management
Create a cluster of industry-leading companies with excellent genes of SUMEC Group and advance the "6+N" layout.

Industry-leading companies

Diversified Development Professional Management

Orderly & Limited Diversification; Resources, Management and Service Platform

Group Strategy

Establish a risk hedging mechanism; form a joint fleet, Business Center, Profit Center; Professional & Focused, "Craftsmanship Spirit"
Business Center, Profit Center; Professional & Focused, "Craftsmanship Spirit"

The strategy of each subsidiary

Strive to be "one of the best" industry leader.

By investment and development, fill key vacancies in the existing industry chain and cultivate strategic emerging business segments.