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Ltd. has led the transformation of the school uniform industry in the past nine years since its establishment. It has served more than 3,400 schools in 31 province-level divisions (including 4 municipalities), with a business scale of over 630 million yuan in 2017 and a cumulative supply of more than 6.4 million pieces. And through the education magazine Gifted Education, the experimental education project ‘Eton School’, the social public welfare reading program “Story-field—Philosophy Education for Children”, the eco-friendly program “Up-cycle”, etc., Eton Kidd has been practicing the brand mission of “promoting the reconstruction of common education value” and making a social experiment about “beauty.”

It operates the international school uniform brand Eton Kidd, the British school uniform brand TRUTEX with a history of 150 years, and the British campus accessory brand WILLIAM TURNER.

Cover Brand of the 17th Issue (2014) of Bloomberg Businessweek

SERVE Award of the 4th China Education Innovation Expo (2018)

Finalist in the “Annual Public Welfare Enterprise” category in the Public Welfare Gala 2017 of the Phoenix Federation of Actors

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