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Transnational Operation

Based on the concept of integrating global resources, we are dedicated to establishing an organizational structure, talent team, R&D platform, as well as after-sales service and market networks that support international operation, thereby driving and managing the global industrial deployment and business development.

114 Domestic Member Companies and Branches
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Eastern China
Northern China
Central China
Southwestern China
Northeastern China

45 Overseas Member Companies and Branches
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SUMEC Group (Japan) Co., Ltd.
SUMEC Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
SUMEC Shipping Co., Ltd. (Singapore)
Merotec Pty Ltd.
SUMEC Myanmar Win-Win Garment Co., Ltd.
SUMEC Pakistan (Private) Ltd.
Berkshire Blanket Holdings, Inc.
SUMEC Central America Co., Ltd.
FIRMAN Equipment Inc.
Paragon Luxury Wheels Inc.
SUMEC Telecom Industry and Engineering Ltda
SUMEC Europe GmbH
SUMEC UK Co., Ltd.
Innomotive Systems Hainichen GmbH
SUMEC Industry & Engineering GmbH

Cross-border Trade

  • Eton Kidd, a brand of school uniform, made its appearance at the Shanghai International Kids Fashion Week (SIKFW).

  • Participated in the Future of Energy APAC Summit

  • Participated in Solar Power International

  • Sponsored the German Football League BVB

  • Building the African Dream, Conveying Hope 2015 SUMEC FIRMAN CHILDREN CARE PLAN

  • Eton Kidd appeared on the screen of New York’s Times Square

  • Phono Solar started to cooperate hand in hand with Erebus Motorsport (an Australian motor racing team), providing help for “KL City Grand Prix” in Kuala Lumpur.

Global Operation

  • Global Joint R&D Team

  • After-sales Call Center in Britain

  • Established the independent marketing channel through the acquisition of Berkshire Blanket in the USA.

  • Garment factory with thousands of employees in Burma

  • New energy plant in Turkey

  • German ISH factory

  • PV module production line in Turkey

  • Garment production line in Ethiopia